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How to Succeed Playing Flappy Bird Game?

How to Succeed Playing Flappy Bird Game?
Flappy Bird Game has been released since May 2013 for iOS and Android based
devices. This game is suddenly popular and lively discussion on social media in
early 2014, and even the mass media class Time and Forbes also helped to review
this game.
I'm sure everyone today, especially game
fans already know what it Flappy Bird. The Game created by Nguyen of Vietnam is
being hotly discussed and I was one of them.
Initially I thought that the way to play
the game is easy to play Flappy Bird. And it was easy. How to play a Flappy
Bird is easy enough by tapping a finger to the screen to make the birds fly,
and the bird was required to pass through green pipes. There is no challenge or
another story ! But trouble arises when we passed tough the green pipes. And
here lies the difficulty of the game Flappy Bird.
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